Friday, May 29, 2015

Rogue Character

I haven't posted any process shots recently, so here's a personal project I've been fiddling with in my free time.
Final picture
I started with the rough sketch and some really terrible proportions.

Hey lady, what's with your legs?

I made some minor improvements next, including getting rid of her lower legs.
Lower legs! Who needs 'em?
Some line work was next up, to help me define the forms and armor.


Then some highlights for punch.
A quick color overlay in several layers to give me a feel for the palette.

Color test
Big jump next. Lots of corrections and color modeling, as well as covering up those lines.

After that, it was off to finishing and adding some implied background and color glow overlays.

Flame Atronach

It's a Flame Atronach! From Skyrim? Or something like that...

This guy popped into my head one night, so I painted him out pretty quick.