Monday, December 10, 2012

Old Cardboard Miniature Art

Back in my college days, we were all too poor to afford decent miniatures for our RPG game. We used whatever we could, and -- being an art student -- I was tasked with making some minis. For some unknown reason, in the intervening twenty years, those cardboard minis got stored away with my Christmas decorations. I see them every year, and go "Oh, look at these!" then put them away again 'til next year.

But this year I took 20 minutes to photograph them, and I now post them here for your viewing amusement.

As you snicker, bear in mind that these were created by hand with a finepoint pen, and each is no larger than about 1 inch high.

Minis shown at scale

Collected minis, mostly by me, circa 1991. (The cardinal, second from left on top row, and the lizard man at bottom were by my friend Matt; Princess in the doorway on row three, the juggler, and the horned hag were done by my lovely wife.)
They were a blast to do, trying to come up with generic characters that would still have some personality readable at a small scale.